Data Acquisition & Analysis

Person in a snorkel mask floating in the water holding a device out of the water.
  • In situ sampling and data collection
  • Data management and data curation
  • Mapping and spatial analysis of biological & physical resources
  • Biological and ecological subject matter expertise
  • Socioeconomic data collection
  • Community engagement
  • Communications and outreach
  • Job hazard analysis

Assessment & Planning

Map off the coast of New York and New Jersey with a colorful polygon in the water.
  • Ecological and protected species predictive modeling
  • Seafloor characterization
  • Spatial modeling for siting analysis and cable routing
  • Review and development of NEPA documentation
  • Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) & Marine Mammal Protection Act assessment, coordination and permitting
  • Assess social and economic drivers and impacts
  • Safety and health site plan development

Construction & Operations

Person on a boat looking out over the water with a whale in the distance.
  • Vessel charter service
  • Impact assessment
  • Habitat monitoring and management
  • eDNA collection and sequencing
  • Protected species observers
  • Fisheries liaison monitoring
  • Community outreach, communications
  • Safety and health inspection, oversight, training, compliance monitoring