A strategic alliance delivering better resources, expertise, and results to provide ONE solution for the wind energy sector.

A.I.S., Inc. (AIS) provides professional and technical scientific support services for the offshore energy industry, including Protected Species Observers and Fisheries Liaison Officers during geophysical and geotechnical surveys, structure construction, and operations monitoring. 

CSS helped set the standards for suitability modeling for offshore wind development through work with NOAA and BOEM, and we apply this unique expertise to support a diversity of requirements for wind energy research, assessment, and development.

RPI specializes in scientific and geospatial analyses of coastal and marine systems, with expertise in NEPA compliance required for offshore wind projects.

Kleinschmidt assists clients with navigating the regulatory and permitting processes for constructing and operating offshore wind farms in the U.S. We assist with state and federal permitting, and working with BOEM as the third-party contractor for EIS for offshore wind projects.

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